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The Chainsaw

Published 27 February 2017    By Murray Ball

The chainsaw makes possums look like a Greenie conservationist.

Nothing the settlers brought to these islands has had quite such a devastating effect on our native forests. Chainsaws, make it all so easy. You go outside to cut down one tree and zzzzzip! It’s gone. And you are still fresh as a daisy. So you look about for another one. You and think, ‘Yep, that one could go…” And zzzzzzip! And another of the enemy bites the dust.

When the first people arrived our forests were 'the enemy'. You had to clear an area for your house, and knock down some more for wood to build it, and then more had to go to create pasture to feed your stock.  We have created the world’s first green desert.

If you don’t believe me, buy a chainsaw – you’ll feel it - the power - the way every tree suddenly becomes your big, sooky enemy … ask the dog.

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