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Published 26 January 2017    By Dog

Meet ‘Horse’ – he’s the king of the strays round our place.

We call him Horse because the night he walked through the kitchen door Wal’ said “%!*&%#!!, he’s as big as a horse!” and threw his gumboot at him. Horse swatted it down in mid-air and punctured it in half a dozen places with his teeth then took the leg of mutton from the bench.

Wal’ shot after him with the carving knife but trod on one of my chop bones with his bare foot. His Aunt Dolly told him it served him right for persecuting starving animals and Wal’ said the only starving animal about the place was him. Aunt Dolly refused to give him any rhubarb and ice cream for giving her cheek.

So Wal’ doesn’t think much of Horse – and I agree with him.

I intend running the mangy beggar off the place as soon as I meet him with his jaw strapped shut and all his legs in splints.

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