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Christmas Treats

Published 24 December 2017    By Pongo Footrot

Somehow I don't think Uncle Wal' is as happy about the festive season as us kids...he's been hiding away up in the bush paddock praying for rain and probably dreaming up fancy ways to impress that darn Cheeky Hobson (washing his socks would be a good start!)

He says he can't wait for things to 'settle down' (which means for Aunt Dolly and that poncy Prince Charles to go back to Tauranga)

Then he can go back to playing silly 'chase the sheep' games with his Dog

In the mean-time its my job as his most favouritest niece to bring some Christmas cheer to put a smile on the poor old blokes face... The Dog, on the other hand isn't quite so easy to please.

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